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Vista Boho Modern Tiny House

Hi everybody 👋

Today we will show you tiny house from USA. 

Imagine having your own tiny house ready to travel with, no designing, no building needed. Just order the home you like, and they’ll deliver it to your lot. That’s what you can expect with a tiny house like the Vista Boho tiny house, from Escape Homes.

This is a spin-off of their popular Vista tiny house design, and it allows occupants to live in a homey environment on the go. The tiny house design is 21 feet long, 8.6 feet wide with 10-foot ceilings.

The Vista Boho starts at $39,900 for the basic model and then there is the Deluxe Option, which is $48,850 or the Off-Grid option starting at $47,850.

These tiny houses all come with plenty of large windows which really open the space up and lots of multifunctional furniture. There’s even a great little kitchen to prepare food in, and a nice bedroom area to lounge in that even has a TV in it.

Source: Escape TravelerHyggehous

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