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The conversion of a 1982 Bedford MJ ex-army lorry into a mini home on wheels!

Hi everybody

Meet Tom and Sophie, they converted an army truck into their 72 sq. ft. off-grid tiny home.

It’s equipped with solar power and custom pulley bed plus much more. It’s basically a total adventure machine! Since November 2017 Tom and Sophie have been traveling in their Lorry tiny home exploring Europe and enjoying some surfing along the way.

Tom explains that it was love at first sight when he found the old vehicle on eBay. After buying it, the couple went to work, carefully laying out a tiny home design that would work for their needs, but that would also retain the unique character of the truck. “When I was designing the lorry house, I wanted to have the possibility of having a stealth camper by putting the original canvas over the steel frame to make it look like a old army lorry again. This is one of the reasons that I didn’t build the house over the cab. As well as this, there is a gun turret/access hatch on the top of the cab. I loved this feature so much it changed the whole design of the house!”

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