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Orchid Tiny Home

Hello from USA

This tiny house built by New Frontier Tiny Homes.

Description from builder :

LED Valance Lighting

The Orchid has received global praise for its dimmable, independently switched lighting. Skylights, clerestory windows and large glass front wall give this home a lovely aesthetic day or night.

Ground Floor Bed and King Loft

Sleep four comfortably with the Orchid’s private king bed loft and sofa bed.

Full Size Tile Shower

Spacious, chic, and comfortable. The floating mirrors with LED valance lighting give extra dimension to this modern bathroom.

More than half of Americans say they will consider living in a house smaller than 600 square meters, according to a survey conducted by the National Home Builders Association last year.
The millennia said they were even more involved with 63%.

The figures show that many people want to live small. As Tiny House Hacker, we find examples of this rising trend in the United States and the rest of the world, and share them with you for ideas.
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